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She put down her glass, while moving his other hand on my thigh. I felt the blood begins to circulate more. One movement changed the couch for me. His ass began to slowly slide down my crotch dissolving her beautiful blond hair. This makes me so excited, I felt that speeding. I was about to slap her ass while at the same time she turned her head, fired, and asked sarcastically.
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My muscles strained to the beat of the sliding taboo tugjobs motion, it was amazing, the beat. I was so excited that I grabbed her buttocks, lifted up with her, I held tight, but still wrapped her legs Owl me, now I moved her body on my dick. The murmurs turned into a groan of tugjob roleplay pleasure. A moment later, her body threw a terrible spasm, groaned with all her strength, her body wyprężyło up to the limit, after which finished a few inertial movement. She slipped out of me. Lying on the couch trying to catch her breath, her heart was beating like mad.

Without my help, jumped back on me. My body went through huge thrill, "Uhmmmmmmmm" and I'm back in her arms. It was an amazing feeling, again, I felt her wet pussy. Started all over again. She began to slowly slide over me, just as before. I tried to put my fetish hands on her breasts, to get to them. My hands found their way only on her black tight-fitting body, excited me so much that I completely lost control of himself, a powerful movement tore her body, so I wanted to see her waving, shapely breasts, she continued, her movements became more and more powerful and fuller and hugged me to his chest, his face now felt her hard nipples, it's made me a true ecstasy, her moans were becoming stronger and louder, I felt that the moment was approaching.

I could not bear it any longer, my cock shot into her pussy, shot shook her body spasm went through her body which led her to the edge of bliss and consciousness, fell into my arms, my muscles are hard at work, a few more taboo tugjobs shots. For a few more while we lay so entwined together, suddenly whispered, "Take me to the bathroom ....". I picked it up from the couch and carried her on his shoulders in the shower, I helped her stand on her feet. She leaned on my back. His head snuggled into my chest. She asked me to sent a stream of water on her pussy, fulfilled her request, directing the stream of water directly on her still swollen vagina. Began to shake her delicate shivering, her lips a soft whine mined. All the time I held her in my arms, at one point, her body slumped completely limp, she fainted with pleasure, I took her into the room, put her on the bed, cuddled up to her and I discovered our blanket.

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